GreenStitched Offline

GreenStitched Offline is an event where sustainable fashion documentaries are screened in a cozy and relaxed environment which also facilitate sharing and enhancing our collective understanding on the topic.

We use films to spread awareness on sustainable fashion far and wide. These screenings are held in different cities all over and GreenStitched is looking for like minded partners to hold a screening in their city. For more information, please contact us at or reach out to us on social media.

GreenStitched Offline in Mumbai

Hosted in collaboration with ISDI Mumbai, one of the premier fashion and design institutes in the city.
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GreenStitched Offline in Pune

Hosted in collaboration with a popular terrace top screening venue Lost The Plot, coinciding with National Handloom Day.
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GreenStitched Offline in Bangalore

Hosted in collaboration with Fashion Revolution India, Ecofolk and The Humming Tree as part of Fashion Revolution Week.
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