GreenStitched Film Festival is an event conceptualized and managed by GreenStitched.

cropped-gs-logo.jpgKnowing what’s happening within sustainability in apparel industry can be a challenging & time consuming task. stitches news from various sources and brings you the best picks – issues closest to your heart, companies you love to know more about and updates you do not want to miss – all in one place.


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The GreenStitched Film Festival is supported by National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru.


Local Partners

Ecofolk is a citizen led sustainability initiative. We believe that discussions related to sustainability need to become a part of discourse and collective will of citizens will drive a positive ecology, economy, culture and politics for all. We believe that awareness about our consumer patterns, shifting to conscious products, asking questions like where our products come from and where they go, are important micro steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow. We aim to create reflection around our decisions as individuals which we otherwise make without thinking about the consequences.

Eunoia is a collective of thinkers, designers & doers, who believe that the world can be changed with thoughtful design.
We specialize in UX design/ development, content and photography, through which help companies with their strategy, product and manifestation.
We also very gladly support projects which bring about goodness, sustainability and uplift the world.


GFF is looking for partners who can support the event. For more details, please get in touch.  |  +91 76248 40550  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  | LinkedIn